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Join Us at International Data Week: #datahackworkshop

  1. Register for the International Data Week / Research Data Alliance Plenary 8 —  the RDA registration includes the Hackathon Workshop.  Travel/Registration Grants up to $1000 for Early Career data enthusiasts are available from a West Big Data Innovation Hub (WBDIH) and Computing Community Consortium (CCC) partnership. The deadline for applying at is Sept. 6, 2016.

  2. Mark your calendars for the livestream 2-5pm MST Sept. 15

  3. Connect with the West Big Data Innovation Hub via twitter, facebook, and the WBDIH mailing list for the latest updates including the livestream link

  4. Join the slack #datahackworkshop channel at which will have links to the shared resources from the workshopShare the announcement on Twitter  |  Retweet the U.S. Chief Data Scientist’s Tweet  | Share via Facebook


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