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West Hub Science Writer: Call for Applications by April 1, 2020

The West Hub is seeking a science writer. This individual will apply their skills and experience writing about science for the general public.  They will identify and follow up on leads for science stories that feature and promote the activities, programs, and initiatives of the West Hub community, key datasets, reproducible data science, and open access stories. The science writer will be responsible for translating the successes and projects underway in the West Hub into digestible stories for a wide audience and outputs to be used throughout many of the other activities.

The science writer will compile, develop, research, write, publish, maintain, and distribute resources as they relate to the West Hub’s initiatives, participating in-person when schedule and budget allows. This writer will gather lessons learned; create and curate content to be used on the website and/or blog, generate and disseminate press releases in coordination with the Hubs’ national communication strategy and local partner institutions; and help to develop outreach, marketing, and other related materials. The team would welcome candidates with short video and tutorial creation experience.

This position is located in the San Diego area, although we are open to remote working situations.  The value of the opportunity is approx. $23,500 from the point of hire for the first year. Additional competitions will be held in subsequent years.

Competition: To be considered, please fill out this web form and include examples of prior work. Deadline: April 1, 2020 For questions, please contact Required Qualifications:

  1. Experience developing stories, writing, and editing for science-related, innovative research, or associated media

  2. Ability to translate research and scientific information for wide-distribution to different audiences

  3. Demonstrated ability to work with high-level team members or senior officials

  4. Sufficient ability to handle assignments with quick turnaround

  5. Highly adaptable in a variety of environments where sessions take place

  6. Experience using some research methods when discussing topics and material

  7. Demonstrated ability to operate under general supervision with guidance from senior leadership using critical thinking and problem solving techniques

  8. Ability to compile and maintain science stories, records, session materials, and other media on the West Hubs’ website

  9. General experience using web-based and electronic communication tools, such as G-suite, Microsoft Office, etc. Preferred Qualifications:

  10. Ability to collaborate with the partner institutions public relations teams in selected review processes for a unified published voice, style, etc.

  11. Experience managing a social media presence

  12. Experience translating content from web pages, blogs, journal releases, and other sources for social media purposes Special Conditions:

  13. A background check is required for this position to determine candidates’ eligibility to work in the United States, and with the University of California

  14. May include travel

  15. Open to remote working situations for those residing outside San Diego County


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