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West Hub Executive Director Ashley Atkins Leads Panel at World Water Week

By Lily Bruch, San Diego Supercomputer Center REHS Intern

The West Big Data Innovation Hub Executive Director Ashley Atkins recently led a virtual panel session entitled Data-Driven Water Systems Solutions for Communities. The World Water Week event focused on the intersections of AI-centric data, analysis, and water research and management — as related to community-driven actions for equitable water solutions for all. You can view the session recording here.

“We were excited to share perspectives and lessons learned from related West Hub and partner activities focused on water data.” Atkins said. “Our goal was to engage with this international exchange and help accelerate data-driven water solutions for communities in our region.”

The West Hub’s session specifically explored data and AI-driven advancements that enable people to take action against climate change-exacerbated water scarcity, which to date remain widely inaccessible.

World Water Week is an annual event that takes place both virtually and in Stockholm, Sweden. This year, the event took place on August 20-24 with a theme of Seeds of Change, which focused on “innovation of unforeseen change and challenges”.

To keep the promotion and inclusion of youth and gender equality alive, World Water Week organizers stated that the event included at least 40 percent female panel participants and at least one speaker under age 35. Attendees ranged from government officials, NGOs, multilateral and international organizations, scientists and activists.

“We were elated to be able to connect with participants around the world interested in working together to harness emerging AI-centric capabilities and strategies in support of more resilient water decision-making,” Atkins said.

World Water Week is said to increase post-events in four orientated dimensions: awareness, by adding activity to water governance issues and solutions, willingness, by acting with purpose to solve water governance issues, influence, to encourage and educate their peers, and implementation of water related solutions.


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