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UW BIDS Meeting Held for Developers and Maintainers

Last month, the West Hub co-supported a development meeting for the Brain Imaging Data Structure ( community at the University of Washington (UW) eScience Institute in Seattle. As a community-developed standard for organizing and describing data from neuroscience experiments, the Brain Imaging Data Structure provides a user-friendly platform for researchers to organize, describe and share neuroimaging and behavioral data.


"Our April meeting allowed developers and maintainers to discuss a variety of topics including the development of extensions to the standard related to electrophysiological neuroscience data," said Ariel Rokem, a research associate professor at UW Department of Psychology and a data science fellow at the eScience Institute. "We also discussed atlases that describe brain measurements in common frames of reference."


Rokem said that the meeting was an opportunity for members of this widely distributed community to gather and informally discuss additional issues such as those related to governance and community management.

More than 20 international participants met in Seattle for the Brain Imaging Data Structure development meeting last month.


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