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United Nations Highlights West Hub’s Transboundary Groundwater Resilience Work

Led by New Mexico State University, the project focuses on cross-border relationships

By Kimberly Mann Bruch

Next week, the United Nations (UN) 2023 Water Conference will take place for the first time since 1977 in New York. Highlighted on the conference’s Water Action Agenda, which calls for efforts that “unite the world for water,” is the Transboundary Groundwater Resilience (TGR) Network . Led by Sam Fernald from New Mexico State University, West Hub Executive Director Ashley Atkins and West Hub Principal Investigator Christine Kirkpatrick serve as co-principal investigators on the TGR project.

Credit: Transboundary Groundwater Resilience Network

“We are honored to have a seat at this global table to discuss our work on integrating system science and data science in support of knowledge and decision-making related to groundwater systems in transboundary areas,” said Kirkpatrick, director of the San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Research Data Service Division. “Our goal is to not only work with bordering national and state government agencies about aquifer systems and resiliency, but also non-profits, consultants, and communities to advance data-driven solutions.”

On Monday, March 20, the TGR Network will host a Call to Action: Connecting the World for Transboundary Groundwater Resilience in conjunction with New York Water Week, which is being held in parallel with the UN Water Conference. At the event, Catherine Cramer, the Deputy Director of the West Hub, will give a talk to share insights on Data Literacy and Network Literacy in Community Contexts. West Hub Technical Project Manager Julie Christopher will present on FAIR Principles of Data Management. Additionally, Ilya Zaslavsky, a West Hub affiliated researcher, will discuss his Network Analysis to Strengthen a Transboundary Groundwater Resilience NoN work.

"We look forward to connecting with water decision-makers and researchers from around the world to make progress on innovative solutions to achieve transboundary groundwater resilience,” said Atkins. “We encourage you to join us by filling out this form to indicate your interest."

Let the TGR team know if you will be attending UN Water 2023 in person and would like to connect there about transboundary groundwater cooperation.


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