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Registration Now Open for WBDIH All Hands May 12

  1. Lightning Talks and an Interactive Panel from industry, academia, government, nonprofits, and data scientists throughout our region — hear about exciting collaborations in Metro Data Science, Precision Medicine, Natural Hazards, Big Data Tech, and Data-Enabled Scientific Discovery and Learning. Our speakers will include representatives from the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, state/local government innovation groups, academia, industry, and nonprofits

  2. A Collaboratory Faire highlighting open source tools and teams that have leveraged open data/ open platforms.  Please send your nominations to!

  3. Thematic breakout sessions to help spark outcome-driven working groups and interest groups, including the launch of Working Groups on Hub Governance and Cross-Sector Collaboration

  4. Filming of Data Science Innovator Profiles that will be shared globally

  5. Opportunities to network with your colleagues from 13 states, the Executive Directors and leadership of each of the NSF Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs, and other data science advocates An updated agenda will be posted here shortly.  Sign up HERE and follow us on twitter for the latest updates @westbigdatahub!


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