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Meet the Spokes Project Teams (Twitter Chat 10/18 9am PT) | Grace Hopper

Thanks for your continued input and participation – this last month included WBDIH Stakeholder Roundtables in Wyoming and New Mexico, the National Science Foundation announcement of Big Data Spokes Projects, and a lively Data Hackathons: Lessons Learned & Best Practices Workshop, featured as part of the first-ever International Data Week with the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP). With almost a year of big data initiatives to reflect upon, our Leadership Team and Steering Committee are looking forward to next steps and new opportunities to strengthen this community.  We’ll be sending more frequent email updates, with links to guest blogs (volunteers welcome!) and a new series of Data Science Highlights throughout our region. Here are a couple of opportunities to connect this week:

  1. TWITTER CHAT: Join NSF, all four Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs, and the Big Data Spokes for a community Twitter Chat Oct. 18 from 9-10am PT. This is an opportunity to connect with the newly-announced Spoke Project awaredees and hear more about ways to get involved.  An introduction to the four West Hub Spoke Projects funded by NSF can be found on our website. Congratulations to our awardees in Precision Medicine, Metro Data Science, Natural Resource Management and Hazards, and Data-Enabled Scientific Discovery and Learning. We hope you can join the conversation with #BDHubs.

  2. GRACE HOPPER CELEBRATION OF WOMEN IN COMPUTING: Headed to Houston for the world’s largest gathering of women technologists this week? Say hello at the Doing Good with Data: Human-Centered Data Science for Social Good session and Data Science for Human Rights Tech Node. In addition, connect remotely to a shared public Dropbox Workspace and our Slack Channel with this landing page on our website. Stay tuned to social media with #BDHubs and #GHC16 for informal meetings and updates.Thank you for in advance for sharing the opportunities with your colleagues. We hope to see you soon! Meredith  Meredith M. Lee, Ph.D. | Executive Director, West Big Data Innovation Hub |


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