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Launching the West Big Data Innovation Hub

Greetings from the West Big Data Innovation Hub (WBDIH)!

We are incredibly excited about our launch this month, and the potential of what we can create together. Our mission is to build multi-sector and multi-state partnerships to address societal challenges with Big Data innovation. To help us grow our community, please forward this note widely and tell your colleagues to join our mailing list!

The West region has often been associated with pioneers, explorers, and experimentalists who push the boundaries of what is possible. We’re home to some of the world’s most vibrant tech companies and a “we can do it”, entrepreneurial spirit. While our stakeholders are spread out across the largest geographical footprint of any of the regional hubs, we are ready to build and strengthen connections in our community — with industry partners, government at all levels, academia, nonprofits, volunteers, and big data enthusiasts.

 We see the hub as an amazing opportunity to:

Educate each other and build awareness of the great work happening across our region — this includes opportunities for training, civic hackathons where we encourage “learning by doing”, and workforce development.

Connect stakeholders with potential partners for more effective resource sharing and collaboration

Facilitate partnerships that accelerate the transfer of knowledge and tools to the field. We’ll be matching big data technology solutions with end users — and vice versa, to help bridge the gap between R&D and deployment.

Incubate innovations and innovators that contribute to the big data ecosystem.  With the right mix of growth conditions and contributions from our diverse network, we’re looking forward to what we can build as a team.

As we begin to convene our first in-person and virtual events, please stay connected by:

Making sure you and your colleagues are on our mailing list

Introducing yourself by sending a note to

Following us on social media: twitter @westbigdatahub, Facebook and #BDHubs

Checking our website as we develop content at

 We appreciate your help spreading the word to increase participation across each state (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming). On behalf of the WBDIH leadership team and our growing network of collaborators, thank you for your continued interest, support, and enthusiasm!



Meredith M. Lee, Ph.D. | Executive Director, West Big Data Innovation Hub |


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