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Data Hackathons Workshop: Livestream + Remote Participation

Join us in Denver at the inaugural International Data Week, or via Livestream + Remote Participation!Data Hackathons: Lessons Learned and Best Practices Workshop Thursday Sept. 15, 2pm Mountain Time / 4pm ET / 1pm PT Hosted by the West Big Data Innovation Hub (WBDIH), Research Data Alliance (RDA), and Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) By convening data scientists, engineers, designers, and other stakeholders to work on challenges with “marathon”-like intensity, data-focused hackathons can spark meaningful collaborations and produce viable solutions.  This hands-on, interactive workshop seeks to empower our community leaders with lessons learned and best practices from hackathon organizers and participants. Workshop attendees will meet and collaborate with other innovation enthusiasts from academia, government, nonprofits, and industry as we capture insights about the design, implementation, and scalability of data-focused hackathons.  Join the conversation with #datahackworkshop!

Our Agenda includes:

  1. Plenary Panel with

  2. Nicholas Skytland (Data Evangelist, NASA)

  3. Jane Wyngaard (Research Data Technologist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Notre Dame University)

  4. Daniel Mietchen (Bioinformatics Researcher, National Institutes of Health)

  5. Matthew Jones (Director of Informatics R&D, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, UC Santa Barbara)

  6. Doug Hayes (CEO, Junto Health)

  7. Kerry Dew (President, UGE Inc and Co-Founder, Utah Geek Events)

  8. Breakout Sessions (with remote participation) on

  9. Tech Logistics: Datasets, Infrastructure, Tools to make a hackathon successful

  10. Teams & Personnel: Partners and roles needed

  11. Communication & Engagement: “How To” Before, During, and After the Hackathon

  12. Design & Form Factor: Planning the Agenda and Participant Experience

  13. Other Topics including Remote Participation (input welcome)

How to Participate Beyond the 3-hour Event:

  1. has an overview of all community-curated content we have started to capture. Please share your insights, favorite resources, and contribute to the breakout sessions!

  2. We are gathering guest blog posts and other media here — retweet the U.S. Chief Data Scientist’s tweet about our workshop / event and connect with panelists from this tweet.

  3. Follow the conversation and chime in using #datahackworkshop on Twitter. Visit us on FacebookSlack, and the above-mentioned Dropbox Workspace.

  4. Join the West Big Data Innovation Hub Mailing List for updates about the recorded video content and future activities. Visit the Workshop Website at for speaker bios, the full agenda, and links to the above resources. We hope you can join us!


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