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October 2022 COVID Information Commons Webinar: Research Lightning Talks and Q&A 

October 4

Meet the scientists seeking new insights on COVID-19. Every month, we bring together a group of researchers studying wide-ranging aspects of the current pandemic, to share their research and answer questions from our community. Learn more about their ongoing efforts in the fight against COVID-19, including opportunities for collaboration. Join us on Tuesday, October 4, from 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. (PT), to hear the research lightning talks. 

South Data Science Education and Workforce Working Group

October 7

The Data Science Education and Workforce Working Group is an open monthly professional working group for data science educators and program leaders to talk and hear from other programs around the country, as well as learn about resources for connecting with data, tools, industry partners, and research. The working group meets on the first Friday of every month at 8am PT. The next meeting is on October 7.

If you would like to share your experience in data science education and workforce or nominate a colleague, we are accepting speakers and speaker nominations. Speakers will be given 10 min presentations plus 5 mins for questions.

Data Sharing and Cyberinfrastructure Working Group

October 7 & November 4

Join us on Friday, October 7 and November 4, from 10-11am PT. The Data Sharing and Cyberinfrastructure Working Group is a collaboration across all four of the Big Data Innovation Hubs.  Each month, the working group brings together data scientists and cyberinfrastructure professionals to learn about topics of common interest.  Areas covered include data management and analytics tools and frameworks, and use of data science to solve real-world problems in areas such as transportation, water quality, public health and disaster response.

2022 COVID Information Commons Student Paper Challenge

October 14

The COVID Information Commons (CIC) invites students from higher education institutions around the world to leverage CIC resources and to participate in the 2022 CIC Student Paper Challenge. Students will have the opportunity to join the scientific research community addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CIC also invite STEM and healthcare researchers, professors, or professionals to participate in this challenge as Mentors and Judges. Interested individuals should complete the Mentors and Judges Call for Participation

The Indigenous Connectivity Summit


October 24-28

The 2022 Indigenous Connectivity Summit (ICS) will be held in-person in Winnipeg, Canada, on October 24-28. The ICS brings together Indigenous community members, leaders, network operators, researchers and policymakers with a common goal: to connect Indigenous communities to fast, affordable and sustainable internet. Register here.

Call for Submissions: Data Science Journal

Throughout 2022, the Data Science Journal invites submissions related to the evolution and future directions of data science (broadly defined), including recent advances, retrospective analyses, and community inspirations and provocations.