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Transboundary aquifers serve as vital resources shared between countries that oftentimes have distinctive scientific understandings and management approaches. Groundwater is being depleted in an unprecedented way that is intensified in transboundary aquifers. This project, funded by the National Science Foundation’s AccelNet program, creates a new network of networks that connects U.S. and international networks of hydrology, social science, data science, and systems science to establish a novel transboundary groundwater resiliency research approach. The project addresses a key knowledge gap: Why is transboundary groundwater depletion happening and how can it be reversed? Despite previous attempts to understand this fundamental question, it remains largely unanswered. This project will harness advances in data science and systems science to understand why groundwater depletion occurs and how it can be changed.

hydrology, data science, social science, and systems science puzzle pieces forming a square
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