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Photo of the 2017 National Transportation Data Challenge Seattle Launch

The National Transportation Data Challenge (NTDC) and the Driver Video Privacy Challenge represent a progression of multi-sector collaborations leveraging Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, industry experts, and joint efforts through a Federal Interagency Agreement. The structure of the transportation challenges began with national scaffolding, drawing inspiration from the global Vision Zero movement and the Transportation Research Board’s flagship Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS) across the states of Washington, Florida, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. With more than 35 million vehicle miles and unprecedented levels of in-cabin video data at stake for potential research insights, the West Hub led the launch of these Challenges in close collaboration with the network of Hubs across the nation, cross-sector partners, NSF, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The 6-month NTDC series of community problem-solving sessions, roundtables, and technology demonstrations produced new data sharing commitments and data analysis focused on transportation safety. The West Hub is building upon the NTDC results, framing avenues for de-identifying facial video data while addressing issues related to privacy, ethics, bias, and security.

Title slide from the December 15, 2021 Video Data Privacy presentation

Presentation from the Association for Computing Machinery’s Media Eval Research Community Workshop on December 15, 2021

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